ECP – Entrepreneurial Children´s Program- Summer Camp

Improve your interpersonal skills with the help of horses
April 27, 2015
Entrepreneurial Children’s Program Fun camp for kids who mean business
May 11, 2015

ECP – Entrepreneurial Children´s Program- Summer Camp

A summer camp that provides your child with a wide variety of “hands-on” experiences. Your child can explore and discover their own insights, strengths and leadership talents — by being themselves.

ECP is ideal for boys and girls aged 8 to 13.

You child will:
 Develop their uniqueness, creative potential and important life skills
 Become better communicators and team-players
 Experience the practicalities of business and develop their entrepreneurial, leadership and communication skills


ECP is a residential summer camp where the child’s native curiosity and willingness to explore the world are treasured and emphasized.

ECP is an “all inclusive” camp with:
 5 full days of activities
 6 nights accommodation in huge modern Teepee tents
 Exquisitely meals catered by local restaurants
 Natural beverages, fruits and snacks
 Transportation to off-campus extra-curricular activities
 All programed activities
 Tuition and course materials
All activities take place in English.
Qualified English teachers coach your child in expressing and communicating their personal vision through clear and confident presentation skills.

With individualized English language support, your child can come up with solutions in problem-solving situations and find the best way to express those solutions.

ECP designs a personalized business concept for your child
Through our “learning by doing” approach, your child can learn at first hand about successful businesses, their visions and stories. They can taste, touch and see the local products as well as the complete production process. Your child can explore their creativity by designing their own dream business story, as well as practicing and polishing their presentation skills.

ECP involves outdoor entrepreneurship activities in a beautiful rural setting.
Communication and leadership are developed as your child partners with horses.
No prior horse or outdoor experience required!
ECP is unique in the youth development sphere:
 Each interactive program is tailored to the specific needs of each camp’s participants. We adapt the content and speakers to the individual stories identified during the pre-program narrative essays.
 We create a powerful learning and development experience.
 We inspire your child with a positive and methodical approach through personal reflection, discussions, self-assessments, coaching and extensive experiential learning (“learning by doing”).
Your child develops communication and leadership skills. ECP creates a secure environment where children can safely explore their own methods and styles. Your child can learn from their successes and setbacks, and improve their performance in situ, and when back in their home and school environment.

Campers work extensively with coaches in
group and one-on-one sessions. In these sessions, they increase their self-awareness and self-confidence — and develop their ability to lead effectively and authentically.



The Daily Horse Session

Your child “partners” and “plays” with horses to develop the key life-skills of:
 Trust
 Respect
 Communication

Noelle supports your child’s journey and shares equine insights to help them uncover the magic of using energy and non-verbal communication to send important message to everyone in their environment.

During the intensive activities with the horses, your child can immediately integrate their new awareness and insight into daily life.

 Experience seasonal life in a natural environment on a working farm
 Learn where food comes from: gather wild herbs and make a dish with locally sourced top-quality ingredients
 Learn the science of flying by visiting the local flying club and participating in a pilot’s briefing. With prior consent, campers may choose to experience a hands-on flying lesson with a certified flying instructor
 Swimming at local Pulvermaar lake
 Collaborate through team-games, make new friendships and have fun.
CAMP I: AUGUST 2nd – 8th
CAMP II: AUGUST 16th to 22nd

Am Brandenbüsch, 1
54558 Mückeln


A team of qualified international staff supports your child.

Our residential team has extensive coaching, teaching and entrepreneurial experience.

Individualized attention develops rapport and trust. Our diversified team supports your child for positive growth and success.

We can all have a laugh and at the same time, our ECP team knows how to keep order. We create in campers the “relaxed alertness” that is optimal for learning.

NOELLE VAN LONKHUYZEN (IRL): Entrepreneur, executive coach, experiential training expert, and horse-assisted coach. 26 years in the financial sector, and at executive level. Ex-aviator and skydiver. Horse breeder, trainer, and farmer.

MARIE ROY (CA): International educator and personal coach with 30+ years of experience in Adult and Youth education. Teacher at the International School of Luxembourg in the social sciences and modern language departments.

PHILIPPE RAÏSSIS (FR/GR/CH/LU): Communication and human resources expert, certified professional life and career coach, partner in Pyrrhus Movie Productions (short films selected in Cannes and Hollywood in 2008, 2013 and 2014).

SABINE MOLDENHAUER (DE): With 26 years in leadership roles, including CEO, in international banks in Europe. Qualified professional and life coach, and consultant.

MICHEL TEREBA (PL/LU): Professional actor and film director, founding partner of Pyrrhus Movie Productions (short films selected in Cannes and Hollywood in 2008, 2013 and 2014.

JOOST VANDORMAEL (BE): Technical school teacher in welding, hydraulics mechanics and tooling. Entrepreneur. Lifelong horseman, breeder and farmer.

LYNETTE STOLTZFUS (US): Marketing consultant, entrepreneur and multicultural trainer with 20+ years in the public and private sectors in the U.S. and Europe. MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business in marketing and international business.

Contact details:

Email :
Mobile +352 621 14 38 11