Improve your interpersonal skills with the help of horses

ECP – Entrepreneurial Children´s Program- Summer Camp
May 5, 2015

Improve your interpersonal skills with the help of horses

« Horses behave like humans and learning with them helps us to better understand our peers » corporate horse listener Noelle Van Lonkhuyzen told us. « The horse is a tremendous teacher that can be our coach » explained this Irish lady who has made it her career.

Horses have exceptional sensory capabilities and can detect the energy people emit. The horse acts as a mirror, which allows us to become more self aware and adopt new behaviours.

It is a sincere animal that lives in the moment, is trustworthy, does not lie, nor judge but takes note. Hence, in the coaching sessions Noelle pairs a person and a horse. The way in which the horse which is on the lunge reacts allows the person to be more self aware and of their behaviour: level of self confidence, clarity of their demands, quick temper… the horse teaches the person how to behave towards oneself and others, and consequently at work.

It obviously helps but is not a necessity and it all takes place on foot in a secure environment. The coaching takes place over several sessions and Noelle helps tie together what is learnt during the sessions with personal and professional situations. Noelle and her 13 horses, help their clients to get to now themselves better and develop their abilities. All in complete harmony with the horse.